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William Montoute

Discipline                              :                  Senior Electrical Technician/Senior Manager



Professional Experience      :                   Thirty-five (35)  years working experience with

                                                                 Lezama Electrical Services Ltd.  As Senior

                                                                 Manager duties include the planning and design of the

                                                                 construction activities; inspecting all work to ensure that

                                                                 quality is maintained as well as assisting in the testing

                                                                 of all equipment and material and ensuring that proper

                                                                 records are kept.


                                                                 Coordinating the installation and commissioning of

                                                                 generator systems and providing infrastructure works

                                                                 for voice/data and other extra low voltage systems.



License                                  :                Licensed to act as a wireman in Trinidad and Tobago.

                                                                Licensed Wireman’s No. 05227


Partial List of

Major Projects                     :                    Bacolet Stadium                          –      Tobago

                                                                 FCB New Head Office                 –     Port of Spain

                                                                 Relocation of Parliament ‘Twr D’  –     Port of Spain

                                                                 FCB – One Woodbrook Place      –     Port of Spain

                                                                 FCB – DHL Building                     –     El Socorro

                                                                 Social Development Tower           –     Edward St. – P.O.S

                                                                 Clico Office Building                     –     Port of Spain

                                                                 La Revera Apartments                  –     Westmoorings

                                                                 Plipdeco – Phase 2                       –     Pt. Lisas, Couva

                                                                 UWI – SAB                                    –     St. Augustine

                                                                 RBTT Data Centre                         –    Chancery Lane                                                                                                     Tropical Plaza                                –    Marabella

                                                                 ALNG                                             –   Pt. Fortin

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