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Seebaran Beharry

Discipline                                :                    Senior Project Manager




Professional Experience        :                     Thirty five (35) years working experience with

                                                                     Lezama Electrical Services Ltd.  As project

                                                                     Manager duties include the planning and design of the

                                                                     construction activities; inspecting all work to ensure that

                                                                     quality is maintained as well as assisting in the testing

                                                                     of all equipment and material and ensuring that proper

                                                                     records are kept.


License                                    :                   Licensed to act as a wireman in Trinidad and Tobago.

                                                                     Licensed Wireman’s No. 3755.



Major Projects                       :                      ANSA McAL Building  -  Sweet Briar Road

                                                                     LNG – Control Buildings  -  Pt. Fortin.

                                                                     Tobago Hilton Hotel – Tobago

                                                                     National Library – Port of Spain

                                                                     Nicholas Tower – 33 KV HV switchgear and transformer


                                                                     A.S. Bryden – Tragarete Road & San Juan

                                                                     Arima General Hospital- Arima

                                                                     Trincity Village Centre- Trincity


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