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Harold Lezama

Lezama Electrical Services Limited was founded by Mr Harold Lezama. His watch words “Nothing Is Impossible” has been the driving force behind our company’s continuous growth and expansion. Lezama Electrical Services Limited is presently one of the most recognizable names in electrical contracting throughout the southern Caribbean.


Under Mr Harold Lezama’s captaincy, our company has assembled the most dynamic group of experts within the electrical contracting industry. Our team’s focus on planning and execution has ensured the successful completion of numerous installation projects for more than three (3) decades now. Our company’s ability to tackle the projects which may seem “impossible” in particular, weather from a deadline perspective, financial perspective, size perspective or otherwise, is, and will always be truly the influence of our managing director.


From Mr Lezama’s example, all our company’s key personnel take pride in their project assignments and they all consider the projects to be their personal property. A tour of Trinidad and Tobago’s urban landscape with any of our key personnel in the vehicle is usually littered with comments such as “that’s our project” or “wasn’t that Mr Assee’s or Mr Beharry’s own”.


Mr Lezama’s drive to always be equipped with either the necessary tools or knowledge has ensured that our organization has kept abreast with the ever changing electrical installation industry. The constant training of personnel along with the continued research and investment into the latest installation techniques and tools will always be part of our culture in accordance with our founder’s vision.


We, the key personnel of Lezama Electrical Services Limited, recognize the solid foundation that has established under the tutelage of Mr Harold Lezama and it is our goal to build on this foundation using the same proven principles that he has passed onto us.

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